Designed for productivity

Simplify meeting preparation

Save time & paper with pre-populated agenda templates that can be distributed electronically.

Conduct efficient meetings

Join meetings via the Team-Viewer, see real-time minutes, view shared documents & files. Attendance & time is recorded automatically.

Distribute minutes & actions

Quickly & easily distribute minutes via email and directly to attendees’ dashboards and schedule a ‘follow on meeting’.

Save time & stay organised

Your Huddlepoint™ dashboard displays up-coming meetings, assigned actions & their status and provides access to all agendas, minutes & relevant documentation.

Track & assign actions

Raise issues & assign actions easily during meetings. Simply track their status via your Huddlepoint™ dashboard, review incomplete actions & manage accountability.

Meeting effectiveness

Review and evaluate time spent in meetings, measure actual vs planned durations and action completion rates.

Auditable records

Huddlepoint™ helps create an auditable trail of topics, issues, actions & documents; assisting with compliance management & communication.

Organisational efficiency

Measure, manage and improve meeting efficiency & the effectiveness of decision making, using Huddlepoint’s powerful analytical tools.

Expert system

Huddlepoint’s expert system database retains critical knowledge from meetings. Use past experiences to make more effective decisions in the future.

Designed for productivity

Meetings are an essential part of any modern business. They help keep your employees informed, communicate key tasks and outline the company’s vision on a day-to-day basis. But how can you ensure that you and your employees are getting the best possible benefits out of your meetings? If you’re looking to improve organisational efficiency, the way you run meetings is a great place to start. 

That’s where Huddlepoint comes in.

Benefits and features to enhance your meetings

Modern businesses need to be agile and productive. And the key to that is having all of the relevant information at your fingertips. The benefits and features of Huddlepoint are geared towards providing you with greater efficiency during your meetings. With Huddlepoint, all of the notes you and your team take during meetings are accessible from one dashboard — so you no longer need to input notes across multiple programs or in different formats.  The benefits aren’t just limited to meetings either; with a central repository of data, Huddlepoint also enables you to create an expert system. Retaining key knowledge and insights from previous meetings, you’ll be able to easily draw on the past decisions you’ve made as a business to inform your future strategies. Additionally, it’s an ideal tool to enable information to be accessible to multiple employees at once. Have you got different team members working at different times on the project? No problem. Huddlepoint has everything they need centrally stored, so there’s never any ambiguity about how people should be working. 

Try Huddlepoint for yourself

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