Client Feedback: Talisman Partners Pty Ltd

We are very excited to welcome Talisman Partners Pty Ltd to Huddlepoint™ and look forward to helping them achieve their business goals and assisting in setting up the foundation for effective and efficient meetings.

Talisman are mining service providers, asset transformation specialists, asset managers and asset partners for the mining industry.

Executive Directors Grant Polwarth and Nathan Sharpe currently spend approximately 4 hrs per day in various types of meetings with a fast-moving schedule of client engagements and internal meetings as they grow the company.

They believe that Huddlepoint™ can help them streamline the management of and the outcomes from meetings which will allow them to effectively focus on business development. 

From their extensive industry experience, they understand the importance of creating the right culture of accountability and communication.

Talisman plan to use Huddlepoint™ as foundation technology for optimising productivity and establishing competitive advantage for organisational efficiency and culture.

Both Grant and Nathan attended specialist training from Huddlepoint™ to help them harness the powerful and user-friendly features of the system and they will continue to be supported by the Huddlepoint Team to achieve their business goals!

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